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Triumph Owners of Tidewater: That was the original name of our organization. You may hear the word "TOOTER" mentioned. In some respects, it's a holdover from earlier times. At one time, many members had a small horn that we honked during meetings.

TOOTER Runs: These are organized club functions where a member will select a location and participating members will caravan in our cars to the location for a day's outing. It's usually to a nearby (usually within 50 miles one way) place of interest. Meeting Location/time. Our regular club meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month in conjunction with the TTR Breakfasts (see below).

TTR Dues: Annual dues are $25.00 and payable to the club treasurer by the end of March. Annual Christmas Party. The regular meeting in December is held at a different location (to be determined) and is a sit-down dinner/Christmas party for all members and their guests. Beginning in 2012, the party was pay-as-you-go.

August Chili Cook-Off: Members are encouraged to produce their best chili recipes and put them up against other member's best efforts. Judging is by secret ballot after everyone has had their fill of chili, beer, etc. A member usually volunteers the use of his/her home for the venue.

Tech Sessions: From time to time, a member may have a technical problem with his/her LBC (Little British Car) and need some help either in the form of muscle or knowledge. When a tech session is called, those members that can participate usually meet at the afflicted member's house to work on the problem. The payoff is normally in beer and pizza.

Annual Car Show: TTR no longer puts on a show of its own; for the past few years, the club has caravanned to Smithfield to participate in the Smithfield Olden Days festival. Fliers are published with all the details and participants always park together.

TTR Breakfasts: A sizeable number of members attend a TTR breakfast on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Lately, the breakfasts have been held at Pop's Diner on Greenbrier Blvd across from the Greenbrier Mall. Official start time is 9:00AM.


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